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Russian carrier

We recommend to deploy the game in full screen!

A task: Win at all levels of free ride, drag racing, drift, parking and competition.

How to play in game Russian carrier:

  • Arrows / WASD = Ride,
  • Space = Hand brake,
  • L = Headlamps,
  • C = Camera

Russian carrier

We offer the most realistic and excitingGame simulator, where you will successfully drive behind the wheel of the VAZ 2108 on rural roads and off-road. You will be in the center of intriguing events, you will participate in dizzying races. You are offered 7 modes - drift, parking, racing, drag racing, free riding, rally and plot. The game has modern graphics and physics, as well as various effects.

Your machine can be deformed from impacts, byBehave differently in the sand and asphalt. At your request, the machine can change color and understate technical parameters. On your way you will meet police, animals and other characters, really feel the living atmosphere of the countryside. Go on the road as a beginner and finish with a high-class professional.

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