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The race car of my dreams

A task: Your task is to assemble the car according to the scheme on the screen. In order to correctly and quickly cope with the task you will be assisted by tips and a guide to assembling parts. Then you will have a chance to test your car. Gain speed, do jumps, flips and earn coins. Earn money and buy new items !!!

How to play the race car of my dreams: Arrows - moving; Mouse - car tuning; Gap - acceleration; R - reboot;

Racing - The racing machine of my dreams

Since your early childhood you've dreamed of your ownCar ?? Then this game is for you! Gather the race car of your dreams and take part in the races! Check your skills in different environments, earning coins. Speed ​​up, jump, do somersault. After all, everything is allowed here! Are you ready for a real challenge? Then forward towards the dream! And you can buy a real one at the largest autobar site of Autoria.

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